Hello. My name is Mary-Beth Charno and I am an integrative Nurse Practitioner. 

And I'd like to welcome you. And to honor you for the courage it takes to be a seeker. 

It's likely that you're here because you're not feeling well. Or perhaps you intuitively know there's a different way you wish to engage with your health. And this kind of deeper inquiry is not always easy.  And often there's strong feelings, like fear and uncertainty. 

I understand this seeking because I, too knew there was a different way. A different way to practice medicine, and to engage with patients. And I've had to be brave, as well. And to trust my inner voice. For this way of practicing medicine is in contrast to the current medical paradigm of giving a pill for an ill, or promoting disease delusion. 


Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift - there is nothing small about it.
~Florence Nightingale









And I do this because I've seen how patients shift when they feel listened to. When interventions are not only pharmacologic, but include food as medicine, or movement, or rest. When bearing witness to someone's story, and designing a care plan which includes the patients preferences can be the most healing medicine.

And this inspires me to continue to practice. To practice self-care so that I can show up whole, and present with you. As well as to continue my studies, for medicine is a both an art and a science, requiring inquiry and scientific rigor, and and to never stop asking the deeper question of "why?"