Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, ANP-C is a graduate of both Stony Brook University with a Master’s degree in Advanced Practice Nursing, and Pace University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Mary-Beth worked for ten years in oncology.  She started her career in hospital nursing at the bedside of acute cancer patients; then advanced to Certified Chemotherapy Nurse, treating in outpatient settings at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Monter Cancer Center in Long Island. Some of her most interesting work was spent at an alternative cancer center in Long Island where Insulin Potentiation Therapy was offered to minimize the harmful side effects of full dose chemotherapy. Treatments were tailored to strengthen the immune system and included high dose vitamin C, IV minerals, ozone therapy, ultraviolet light therapy and unique nutritional approaches.

 Early on in her career she became Board Certified as a Holistic Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Association, and this training continues to inform her patient care. She has spoken at many nursing grand rounds, conferences and retreats over the years teaching nurses and organizations the value and benefits of holistic care for their patients as well as themselves. 

 Mary-Beth is currently studying for certification at the Institute for Functional Medicine and has become increasingly interested in environmentally acquired illness.

 Mary-Beth is a 200-hr E-RYT/500-hr Registered Yoga teacher and is also a graduate of the inaugural 2009 Urban Zen Integrative Therapist Program created by Donna Karen. Urban Zen offers patients a synergistic model of yoga, essential oils, Reiki and mindfulness practice and is reaching thousands of patients nationally,

 Mary-Beth is also a 200-hr E-RYT/500-hr Registered Yoga teacher. She is a Master's Level Reiki practitioner, and a certified instructor of Breema, a system of gentle bodywork that fosters deep relaxation.  


An NP is a licensed RN with a Master's in Nursing education; therefore called an Advance Practice Nurse. Working with a nurse practitioner is not unlike working with a physician, in the sense that NP's can assess, order and interpret lab, diagnose and prescribe. And in fact, many NP's function as primary care providers. 

What sets NP's apart is our unique emphasis on the health and well being of the whole person with a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education and counseling. NP's guide patients in making smarter health and lifestyle choices.


Master's of Science in Nursing:  Stony Brook University 2015

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing:  Pace University, NYC 2005

American Association of Nurse PractitionersCertified Adult/Gerontology Primary Care2015

1 year Functional Medicine Clinical Development Program with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, 2018


Ongoing Clinical training with Dr. Joseph Jemsek, 2017

Ongoing Clinical training with Dr. Maurice Beer, 2017

Tick borne/Lyme Disease 15 month intensive mentorship Dr. Richard Horowitz, 2016

The Institute for Functional Medicine:  Mary-Beth has been accepted into The Institute for Functional Medicine where she is studying Functional Integrative Medicine. This is a rigorous program that will earn her a certification in the specialty of this highly innovative and desired field of wellness and healthcare.

ILADS: International Lyme and Associated Disease Society. Approved for membership by the Board of Directors, 2017

Low Dose Naltrexone Research Trust member/prescriber

Oncology Nursing Society: Certified Oncology Nurse, 2007

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Chemotherapy & Biologics therapy clinical training, 2010

American Holistic Nurses Association: Certified Holistic Nurse, Board Certified, 2008

The Center for Mind Body Medicine: Food as Medicine Program graduate, 2012; Mind-Body Medicine level 1 graduate, 2011

ACAM-American College for Advancement in Medicine: Chelation Therapy training course 2012