As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I believe a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't fit. Your case is unique. Your needs are unique. Therefore, much of what I do will take place behind the scenes; after you leave the appointment. This includes speaking with labs to assist in functional lab interpretation and researching current best practices in functional medicine.  

INITIAL Functional MEdicine CONSULT $350

Our initial appointment is 1.5-2 hours and includes an in depth review of your timeline, medical history, and records. This is where I begin to make sense of your story. This visit is primarily used as an information gathering session. Most patients leave with preliminary next steps; others will receive adjustments to a current plan; more often, the more comprehensive protocol design will take place in the initial follow up when all laboratory testing has resulted. 

It includes:

  • physical exam
  • ordering of lab tests both conventional and functional
  • nutrition and supplement guidance
  • your personal access to my online supplement store and patient portal
  • medication review, adjustment and ordering, if needed
  • IV therapy, as needed 

Your presence is required at the clinic in Kingston for this appointment.

First FOLLOW-UP $225

This is a one hour appointment and generally takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial.

I review in depth with you the results of your lab tests, and design a treatment plan based on thoughtful consideration of these results, your symptoms, and your needs. 

You will receive a with a carefully thought out care plan outlining your treatment. 

Subsequent follow up's:

$200 60 minute in office/ $150 30 minute phone

Ongoing care will include continual evaluation of labs, adjusting and changing of medication and supplementation. 


This plan is reserved for those questions or concerns which arise between appointments and can't wait until your next follow up. They are limited to address only single items.