Patient Links

The following are links for you to use to gain access to one of several companies I use for neutraceuticals. Being a patient of mine, you'll receive discounts on products and have access to high quality, pharmaceutical grade products. 


The patient portal is a direct link to my electronic health record. Once you are a patient, you will be invited to join. There you will have access to your medical records, ability to self-schedule and email me directly. 


I will subscribe your supplements through Fullscript. You will receive an invitation to order. 

My patients may establish their accounts with XYMOGEN® either by calling Customer Service at 1-800-647-6100 and indicating that you have been referred by me, or via the XYMOGEN® website, link above. A separate Customer ID will be assigned to you, which is linked to my account. 

Lauricidin® is pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate) derived from coconut oil. Lauricidin® is intended to be taken daily like a multi-vitamin for at least three-six months at the recommended intake to support general immune health* and overall wellness, as well as to bust through biofilms associated with infectious agents.