Mold Symptoms Are Often Misdiagnosed

Mold biotoxins from black mold (Stachybotrys), Aspergillus and Fusarium can cause many disparate symptoms. Dr. Richie Shoemaker, a physician from the Eastern Shore in Maryland, has been researching mold and algae biotoxins for the last 15 years. He states the following symptoms can be consistent with mold illness:

  • Breathing: Difficult, Tightness in chest, Asthma

  • Diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Lupus, MS, Auto-Immune

  • Emotions: irritable, anger

  • Extremities: Tingling Hands and Feet

  • Eyes: Blindness, Pains, Wear sunglasses, Light Sensitivity, Bloodshot eyes, loss of vision, Detached retina

  • Fatigue: Chronic Fatigue (some estimate cause of up to 1/3 of chronic fatigue), postexertional fatigue

  • Mental: Confusion, Absent mindedness, losing things, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression

  • Mold sensitivity: Exposure to Damp house, Mold in air ducts, Red Tide, React to mold

  • Nasal: Congestion, Nasal soreness, sinusitis. A study by the Mayo clinic found that 96 percent of all sinusitis is fungal!

  • Pain: pain in temples, sudden headaches, sudden, sharp, icepick like

  • Sensitivity: Car fumes, Smoke, Pets, Feathers, Detergents, Toothpaste, Chlorine, Plastic cups

  • Skin: Rashes, Alopecia

  • Stomach: Cramps, nausea, Diarrhea

  • Taste: Metallic

  • Thirst: Dryness, Excessive thirst, excessive urination

  • Weight Gain: Sudden, inability to lose weight despite stringent dieting and exercise