"Do you accept insurance?" No. The insurance model pays for sick and emergency care. It is not a model designed to reimburse for time spent with the patient, education, lifestyle assessment or wellness care. You may submit my bill to your insurance for possible reimbursement or use your flexible spending account.   

"Are the labs covered by insurance?" I offer three types of lab testing. Conventional lab testing, Functional Medicine lab testing, and Igenex tick borne testing.  Conventional labs are those that you are likely already familiar with. These are the labs such as thyroid testing, vitamin D and cholesterol, to name a few. I differ from your conventional doctor in that I order many more lab tests and then interpret them differently than a conventional doctor. I listen to your symptoms while looking at optimal levels rather than normal ranges. A lab slip will be given to you to have bloods drawn at a lab station near you. The conventional labs are covered by your insurance, since they're supported by ICD10 codes.

I use high-quality, cutting-edge functional lab tests in order to get the most accurate information about how your body is working and to uncover the root cause of your illness. These tests may or may not be covered by your insurance company.

Igenex is a CLIA compliant lab specializing in state-of-the-art clinical and research testing for Lyme Disease and associated Tick-borne Diseases. There is possible reimbursement depending on your insurance. http://www.igenex.com

"What is your cancellation policy?  Given the amount of time I spend with each person, I don't schedule overbook my schedule. Your appointment is reserved for you. Therefore, if you forget to appear or call for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the appointment. 

"Is there an annual fee?"  No

"What happens if I need between-visit contact?" There is often a lot that goes on between appointments for you regarding your treatment. I ask that you collect your questions and concerns until your next follow up. If you need brief clarification or reassurance, you may send me a message by email through the patient portal; as the portal is a secure, password protected website which allows me to transmit confidential medical information by the Internet. If your concern is more detailed, I'll ask you to schedule a 15 minute health maintenance appointment

"How do I get prescription refills?" Medical problems requiring the use of on going medication must be reevaluated at least every six months. If you require an ongoing prescription you must be seen at least every six months. If you have run out medication you are probably due for a return visit.

Please remember to ask for refills at the time of each visit to avoid running out and to allow us to perform proper evaluation.  Requests for new prescriptions require an office visit and evaluation for appropriate management.

If you have run out of your medication and cannot come to the office, we will provide an interim refill so you can remain on your medication until your next visit. You can email your request to marybethcharno@gmail.com or have your pharmacy call or send request via Internet. In order to refill most medications, you will need to be current on blood work. 

In general, 90-day mail order requests will not be granted for antibiotics. 

"Do you prescribe opiates?" No. Given the addictive nature of these drugs, I do not prescribe any Scheduled II-IV class medications. For more information see https://www.dea.gov/druginfo/ds.shtml

"Do I need a primary care provider?" Yes. The medicine I do is an adjunct to primary care. I do not provide urgent care and may opt to refer you to your local emergency room.